Our Underlays

We have a huge selection of underlay to suit all of your flooring needs. Choose from board, foil, roll and foam underlays in a variety of thicknesses to ensure that your flooring lasts even longer. By combining high quality flooring with underlay, you’re ensuring that your flooring is neat, insulated & firmly in place. 

Laminate Underlay sheet

Wood Plus 2mm Acoustic White Underlay is a real wood & laminate flooring underlay, which is suitable for use in all domestic locations with light traffic.

Woolen Carpet Underlay

This is the ultimate, super thick and luxury wool carpet underlay. At nearly 10mm thick, it provides superb levels of comfort underfoot, making your carpets feel luxurious to walk on.

Its enhanced thickness will provide you with a cost-efficient method for retaining heat and keeping energy bills to a minimum. Wool underlays are great for insulation, which helps stop heat loss through your floor.

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