Wall to Wall Carpets

Wall-to-Wall carpeting has two-fold advantages in that, it dresses up the floor attractively and also protects it from excessive wear and tear. Wall-to-Wall carpets offer a cheaper flooring option to most high-quality tiles and are visually appealing, too. These carpets are available in natural fibers such as Wool and Silk, and synthetic (man-made) fibers such as NylonPolyester and Polypropylene

Our wall-to-wall carpets are of superior quality and ensure extraordinary durability, making them particularly suitable for commercial use in offices, schools, museums and other places with high foot traffic, extensive office chair usage and the like. Our broadloom and wall-to-wall carpets are all developed in classic and timeless designs to fit into any interior space.

Why broadloom carpets are the right choice for commercial use

In the workplace, good acoustics and indoor climate are two important factors for both job satisfaction and productivity. To improve the acoustic properties of an interior setting, a textile flooring solution plays a more important role than most people realize.

At Ideal floor systems, we have contract-rated commercial broadloom and wall-to-wall carpets that fit perfectly into any space. In addition to providing a homogeneous visual appearance, commercial broadloom carpets are comfortable to walk on, practical in their daily use, durable with a long lifespan, heat-insulating and easy to maintain.

Why you should choose contract broadloom and wall-to-wall carpets for your commercial  project

Timeless, modern and inviting design

  • Wide range of textures, patterns and colors
  • Customizable solutions
  • Easy to combine with other types of flooring - e.g. wood flooring
  • Wide range of applications
  • Durable and hard-wearing while maintaining the good looks. 
  • Exclusive and comfortable
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