Carpet Gripper Rods

This DIY

 Carpet Gripper is designed for ease of installation / nailing to both timber and concrete floors. Medium size pins mean this gripper is suitable for all types of carpet. Each pack has enough gripper for an average size room.

The ideal product for stretch fit carpet installations, this wood gripper is made from high-grade resin bonded plywood, five-ply (6mm) thickness, machined on one edge to a defined angle and penetrated from the underside by two rows of passivated pins.

The Pins are set at an angle of 60deg to eliminate pull-out and bending, even when power stretching. The carpet backing is then held in place by the pins to allow for correct tension.

This Carpet Gripper works well with the super soft 

Type: Carpet Gripper
Subfloor: Wood or Concrete
Suitability: Domestic
Application: Nail gripper approximately 6mm away from the face of the skirting so that the carpet can be tucked into the gap between the gripper and skirting board.
Size: 1.2metres
Pin Size: 4.8mm
Thickness: 6mm

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